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Vkook fanfic

Part 1 Part 2. That certainly sounded—. You shook your head a little as it spun in confusion to what you were listening to. There was a woman screaming these words out in the form of a battle cry, and you were actually a little more disturbed by the clarity of her voice, despite it being very faint with distance.

Where was it coming from? Either 1 : your direction of hearing was way off at the moment, or 2 : there was someone having very rough sex outside your window.

Are you watching porn again? You say that, like, plurally. How many people is she having sex with? You heard Jimin snicker before his bed squeakily bounced from a loss of weight, and not many seconds later was he at your door, greeting you with a cheeky grin on his handsome face. You flipped your lamp on and sat your laptop beside it on the nightstand, instantly intrigued by this as Jimin strolled to your bed.

He sprawled himself out at the footboard and laughed a little when you attentively folded your legs in, like a preschooler would for story time. Your eyebrows perked at this, your interest sparking even more. Not that you were sexually active or experienced yourself, but things of this nature have always fascinated you, regardless. Which, explains how he knew your whole life story within the first 3 months you met him, roughly years ago in high school.

I was genuinely concerned for her health after I heard the gorilla sex going on next door; it was so fucking raunchy, I damn-near called the police. You could relate.

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But they want someone to serve as a submissive in a polyamorous relationship with the two of them, where they co-dom. Avery was interested at first, but she said it was too intimidating having a relationship with them outside of the bedroom.

vkook fanfic

Is that even polyamorous? You jumped as a yelp sounded outside of your window, like there was a dog who just got its tail stepped on. Guy 1, you conquered. A swift sound of a slap then rang out, and your face paled at the urgent cry of pain.

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You approached your window for a closer listen. You lived in a neighborhood of close-packed duplicate homes. Meaning, every house was modeled the exact same and was about 20 feet apart.Originally posted by btsreactionsandgifs.

Final nights 2

Where there is honesty, there is relief. Especially by one Jeon Jeongguk. Or, kink discovery with Tae and JK. For Taehyung and Jeongguk, happiness does not come in the form of a person, or most specifically, of each other. It comes from how, whenever they are united, they are able to reminisce everything they lived together and imagine far ahead in the future.

Of course, he gives in to temptation, falling in love with the tattooed boy he once helped pass math class. But when he loses everything he had, Kim Taehyung appears with centuries of loneliness behind him, and a new life for Jeongguk to have. Hi dyou have any bottom!

Taehyung vmin, taegi, vkook fics that sorta have a plot and don't jump straight into the smutty smut. Kim Taehyung is the consummate Slytherin. When they are paired up for a Potions project, things get a bit … explosive.

Beta Tau Sigma by bazookamature, k, complete, Namjin. A collection of events occurring within and without the walls of the Beta Tau Sigma fraternity house.

A serious relationship. And, um. Quiet Nights by themarmalademature, 36k, complete, Namkook. Namjoon is bored and a little lost in life right now, he could admit. Cinnamon Crisp by teatimetaemintmature, 21k, complete, Taekook.

That, makes Taehyung look away from his phone for once.Jeongguk wearily stepped inside the house and closed the door behind him. Jeongguk headed to the basement, where his bedroom and bathroom were.

vkook fanfic

He was the only band member without a roommate, everyone else had one, but everyone had agreed that since Jeongguk was shy and stayed up the latest, it would be fine if he went without a roommate. Though Jeongguk was only twenty, he was the youngest of the band, earning him the title of "maknae," and his hyungs never allowed him to forget. Jeongguk walked to his room to plug in his phone before going to the bathroom to turn on the shower.

Jeongguk closed the bathroom door and shed his clothing, stepping into the warm shower, welcoming the soothing water after his strenuous dance practice. Jeongguk was lathering soap on his body, but paused when he heard a soft 'click'.

The tired boy shook his head and continued with his shower, thinking he was imagining things. The shower curtain moved and Jeongguk froze, wet hair plastered against his face and water blurring his vision as Taehyung stepped into the shower as well. Taehyung looked down at Jeongguk, raising an eyebrow at the young black-haired boy. Taehyung held up his hands, "Okay fine, but we've changed in front of each other before, so I didn't see an issue with joining you. Jeongguk scowled, "Well there is an issue, and I would appreciate it if you left now.

Instead of stepping from the shower like Jeongguk had hoped, Taehyung encircled Jeongguk's wrists in his long fingers and looked at him, "What's wrong?

Jeongguk reared his head back from the brunet, unsuccessfully disentangling himself from the older. Jeongguk glared and turned off the water streaming overhead, he looked back at Taehyung, who was still gazing at him with slight concern. Jeongguk reached out of the shower stall and groped for his towel, drawing it into the shower. He wrapped it around his waist and stepped out from behind the curtain and away from his hyung.

Jeongguk exited the bathroom and went to his room. He shakily sat down on his bed and leaned back, closing his eyes and laying back against the bed. Jeongguk let out a breath and started when his bedroom door clicked shut the mattress shifted next to him.I am so happy because I always thought that fanfictions are always underappreciated, but turns out that the taekook fandom lives through reading over them, observing the amount of requests for me to make a blog about this.

I am always fond of suggesting fanfics to my squad, but to be honest, the ones they had suggested to me before became my favourites. Taekook fanfic writers, for me, are the best ones in the fandom.

I had also read tons of fanfics outside Taekook and this is unbiased. I swear, they can write the greatest books! I envy their talent. I will also provide a short review about the fics to help you! Some of you must have read them, but as always, I want everyone to appreciate the beauty of this ship and the fanfictions that were written about them :hearts:.

Are you a curious ARMY who just wants to see what makes people love taekook? A new shipper? Then this fanfic is a must-read! I personally choose this one as the best Taekook fic for starters! Jungkook despises the sunlight.

What will you ever ask for? This fanfic is literally a Taekook theory already! It is like an entire taekook journey because it covers them since debut until Based on an interview where Taehyung said that acting out skits like falling in love with Jungkook feels nice and natural the most.

This is a compilation of 5 skits that they have done! If you got all five moments right, then congrats: You are a Taekook trash. This is honestly so cute! Barista Taehyung is definitely one of the most adorable concepts ever created.

Thaumcraft 6 alchemy

I love math major Taehyung who fell in love with the drawings and wanted to meet the artist behind it. A canon divergence fic about Bangtan Boys on the verge of disbanding if not for Jungkook and his quest for a sponsor.

Oh and, this contains sexual content! Which I had to say, were all hot ahaha. In which Jeon Jeongguk is a Millionaire, a sought after bachelor, and a single dad to his daughter while Kim Taehyung is a country boy from Daegu that was encouraged by his hyung, Min Yoongi to enter the show Millionaire Matchmaker in hopes of having Taehyung to socialize with other people other than him.

Who would ever know that they will cross paths again on a TV show? No one. In which Taehyung was a prince and Jeongguk was the son of the stablemaster. No one ever expected that they will fall in love with each other; no one was prepared for this. If only they listened to Han Yongsu, the exiled shaman. Jeon Jungkook was first born in Twenty years later, he fell in love with a man named Kim Taehyung. Then, helplessly, he fell in love with him hundreds of times after that.

Jungkook chases, fights, and cries for him, far and wide over endless lifetimes because he loves Taehyung until it hurts, even though Taehyung dies each time they meet. The greatest Taekook fanfic that I had ever come across to.

Based off from a novel.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words However, he learns that the people he meets at the lowest points in his life are the ones who are truly worth keeping. Jungkook hates empty promises, but he hates being alone even more.

Yet, here he is again: cold, scared, hungry, and alone in this war. Kim Taehyung was diagnosed with lung cancer and was given roughly ten years left. He had been thankful; He had been ready; He had long accepted that fact in his life Taehyung just wanted to go for a little joy ride, but he can't afford to get a ticket.

He'll do anything to avoid it. Taehyung could vividly remember how perfectly fine and normal that day was, the sun was high up in the air with the birds unfailingly chirping their fluttery tunes to wake up the dozing creatures and the clouds streaked the light blue skies with wispy patterns and puffs, when he started his countdown. Jungkook was always in fear. Even as a child, he constantly was scared of something.

Taehyung is his best friend, who soon confesses his true feelings for the maknae. Always there for him, always protective over him, Taehyung will do anything for Jeon Jungkook. Poor little Jeongguk living in the heart of Seoul, doing what he always dreamt of and simply wanting to disappear.

The only masterpiece that has even remotely caught Taehyung's attention recently is the new, talented and incredibly gorgeous junior who just got accepted into his senior art class.

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Jungkook is a photographer who mounts every heartbeat on film, and Taehyung is the sort who never stays in one place for long. Taehyung has liked Jungkook since the first day of their Psycology class.

vkook fanfic

But when they first meet, Jungkook, having just gone through a bad breakup, is an "emotionally unavailable piece of ass. Jungkook has a problem with kissing his hybrid boyfriend, Taehyung, and so he asks for some help from his hyungs, Yoongi and Jimin.Wow, it's been so long since I've written one of these!

Thank you to everyone who stuck by me and kept reading these and posting comments! I'm sorry to anyone who is waiting for their oneshot, but this one just felt right to do! And a huge happy birthday to Jungkook's whose 18 birthday is today!

Maths class was boring as usual for Taehyung as he tapped his window and stared out of the window. Well, in the direction of the window, where he could also see Jungkook but seem completely innocent.

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Jungkook had that fluffy tuft of black hair on his head that always seemed to be arranged perfectly and yet tousled. Taehyung admired him and put his chin in his hand to keep himself steady. Taehyung himself had just recently dyed his hair brown so he might be noticed by his friend, but to no avail. Jungkook had commented on the look and gave him a small chuckle, but it didn't change the look in his eyes.

He felt like maybe he needed a change of pace. Instead of trying to get the boy's attention via his looks, maybe he should try a different method. As the class ended, Taehyung took a long time packing up his books while watching Jungkook. He knew how long the boy took to pack up, and how much of a perfectionist he could secretly be, so he kept an eye on him while ushering his friends out before him. When the classroom emptied out, Taehyung leant back in his chair.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Jungkook jumped in surprise to hear the voice and turned in his seat. When he met his friend's eyes he smiled brightly. He sat on the edge of the boy's desk and grinned at him. The big eighteen! What are you going to do for it, Kookie? Jungkook shrugged, "I don't really have anything in mind.

I have a ton of schoolwork to do anyway. Or do anything? Taehyung put a finger under Jungkook's chin and lifted it so their eyes met. You know that. The older boy appraised him for a moment, disappointment weighing heavily in his heart. Jungkook bit his lip, causing Taehyung's eyes to focus on the swelling there. He licked his own lips, wishing he could sooth that redness that was appearing with his tongue.

Taehyung looked up in shock. Was he hearing right? Did Jungkook want to kiss him? No, he must have been talking about someone else.

vkook fanfic

Maybe someone with the name You? His Kookie was looking at him with such trusting eyes and he saw them begin to well up. Was the boy about to cry? It hit him like a brick that Jungkook was talking about him. A small smile slid over his face and he reached out, cupping the boy's face.

He didn't bother starting slow or trying to ease him into it. He had waited too long to kiss Jungkook and he wasn't going to hold back now. Jungkook's hand reached up slowly and circled Taehyung's wrists, holding on gently as if afraid he might fall.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. But as the wedding date nears, the shadows and fears that have always been a part of Taehyung are becoming increasingly impossible to ignore. Taehyung has to come to terms with his past and himself, or risk losing Jungkook, the only person who has looked past Taehyung's imperfections and shown him that he is worth loving.

Min Yoongi doesn't belong to a coven. He knows the risks and he'd rather take them then have a repeat of his early witch days. He was in no way, shape, or form prepared for Jung Hoseok.


Jung Hoseok who practices a powerful kind of magic Yoongi's never even seen before and it intrigues him, for sure. Jung Hoseok who radiates such positive, warm, sunshiney energy. Jung Hoseok who belongs to the strangest coven Yoongi's ever met. He knows that he can learn a lot from all of the members, even though some of them low-key terrify him.

Taehyung is harmless, he's sure, but he doesn't play with Satanism, okay? He tried that once. It didn't end well.

But what could possibly go right? Send him instead! I will never marry Lord Jeon! He is a monster who kills his brides! Send this whore instead. Or so everyone's told him. It was supposed to be an innocent morning between taehyung and jungkook but one thing lead to another and Jungkook was on Taehyung's lap begging for more.

vkook fanfic

Or jungkook prettily begs taehyung to fuck him and he complies, because who was he to deny his angel. Hoseok convinces Jungkook to find an omega to help with his rut. What Jungkook doesn't expect is to meet the most beautiful omega he's ever laid eyes on. After their one-night stand, the young alpha is determined to win him over as his mate.

The only problem? Taehyung isn't interested. Yoongi is straight. Or he thinks so when he realizes he is in love with Kim Taehyung, his best friend. But Taehyung is dating Jimin and they are so happy and in love together. What he doesn't know is that Taehyung has been in love with him for a decade.


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